Welcome to the New Baba’s Bunch Website

We’re very excited to launch our new and improved website. Our goal is to make it easier for family caregivers to access resources that will help them care for their loved ones with Alzheimer’s Disease and other Dementia’s. We’re very excited to launch our new and improved website. Our goal is to make it easier […]

All Caregivers Need Support

Nearly 15 million people are caregivers to someone who has Alzheimer’s Disease or other dementia. Those of us who have cared for loved one know how difficult it can be. There are days when we’ve felt pushed to the max, question our own quality of life, and wonder how our other relationship can possibly survive, […]

A Doctor’s Advice For An Alzheimer’s Patient On Sundowning

Sundowning is a common problem in dementia patients, characterized by lack of sleep and high levels of anxiety and delirium. It impacts the  safety and well-being of both the patient and caregiver. The big question is “How long does it last?”  According to Dr. Barry Baumel, Division of Cognitive Disorders at the University of Miami School […]

Happy Mother’s Day From Our Founder, Tony Friguls

To All Caregivers whose Mother’s have Alzheimer’s Disease or any Dementia. “This is a day to remember and honor all the mothers but especially those, who for no fault of their own, were robbed by Alzheimer’s of their ability and desire to continue taking care for others; the tables are turned, now our most important […]

Figuring Out Strategy For Eating Well For Dementia Patients

This blog was originally posted on the website of Seniority Matters, a local South Florida Advisory and Referral Company- It also appeared in the Miami Herald. My husband has dementia. Recently he has lost a lot of weight —and I’m concerned. We went to a gastroenterologist and after a complete work-up it was determined that it […]

Turner Hats Supports Baba’s Bunch

November is starting off with a big bang for Baba’s Bunch. We’re so grateful to Turner Hats for their charitable support and their recognition of Baba’s Bunch (click here to view their blog post announcing their generous support). They will be donating 15% of all sales from now until the end of the year for […]

Learn About the Adult Day Care Services For Dementia Patients That Easter Seal Offers

Adult Day Services can be an important resource for families caring for patients with memory disorders. If you’re one of the many thousands of individuals in Dade County who care for of know of family caregivers of dementia patients you’ll find this information invaluable. I recently visited The South Florida Easter Seals to observe first- […]

How Involved Should A Parent With Dementia Be In Making Caregiving Decisions?

It’s difficult to coordinate care for a parent with dementia and it’s even harder when there are many caring siblings with different points of view of how to accomplish the end goal of keeping a parent safe and content. One way to accomplish this to divide up the many responsibilities of caregiving tasks according to […]

Our Relationship with Easter Seal Still Blossoms

Last week Easter Seals held “graduation services” for 70 new members of their Legacy Corps Team who provided in-home respite care and support for this upcoming year. Angela Arena, VP of Adult Day Services for Easter Seals Welcomed the over 200 people in attendance. We’re so excited to be a part of Easter Seals. We […]